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BonChon, meaning “original village” in Korean, is a global restaurant/QSR brand that originated in South Korea in 2002. It began making waves in the global arena in 2007 as it entered the US market, captivating the discerning palates of the citizens of New York, San Francisco, Boston, Virginia, and New Jersey. Its cult following propelled it to international shores, with stores in Asia (Bangkok, Manila, Jakarta, and Singapore) quickly following.

… It isn’t merely today’s best chicken; It’s perfect, the best fried chicken I’ve ever had…
Esquire (US) Magazine

Reason to get excited about fast food again…
GQ (US) Magazine

BonChon shines when the sun does: the garlic-and-soy wings are crispy and tangy, while the spicier version has a subtle heat that sneaks up on you at about the third wing…
New York Times

The cult Korean wings spot… features exquisitely crispy fried chicken either sauced with a sweet-pungent soy garlic sauce, or spicy hot.

… the food here is so superb… you do get what you pay for and, in this case, you’re paying for perfection.

So, in answer to the question, is BonChon’s chicken worth the hype? The answer: yes – a resounding yes.
Time Out (Dubai)


BonChon Chicken Philippines opened its first store in November 2010.  In just a little over two years with 41 branches, BonChon may be considered one of the fastest-growing fried QSR’s (Quick Service Restaurant) in the country, apart from being the biggest Korean–style crispy fried chicken chain locally.

As of 4 December 2012, there are 41 stores nationwide: 37 in Metro Manila, 1 in Cavite, 1 in Cebu, and 2 in Davao.

The company is on an aggressive expansion mode, and more stores will be opened within the next several months not only in Metro Manila but also in provincial Luzon and the VisMin area. It is also currently open to franchising.



Contemporary Asian/Korean-American QSR cuisine that highlights the super crispy yet light and non-greasy original Korean fried chicken secret.  While the chicken recipe is standard in all BonChon outlets worldwide, other items on the menu may vary from one country to another.  The Philippines offers the widest range among the international BonChon community.  As a testament to the wide range of the Philippine menu, many locally-developed recipes have found their way to internation BonChon stores.



Crispy chicken (super crispy yet light and not greasy, with hot moist juicy meat, sauced with its classic soy garlic or spicy glazes) — the original Korean fried chicken secret.

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Seafood , beef and chicken bulgogi, rice meals, sandwiches, wraps, salads, Ko-Yo (Korean Yogurt).

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